M Letter Names for Girl in Telugu

There was a time when giving a name to the baby girl was a very difficult thing to do. The available options for the names were very less and that too they were not so unique. But these days, the entire scenario of giving names to babies has been changed. But, now it is no more a big deal or a complicated task to give a perfect name to your baby girl. We are up with an amazing list of M letter names for girls in telugu. The names we have mentioned in our list have been chosen by professionals and therefore, these names are very unique and extraordinary. We have mentioned all the telugu names starting with M have been mentioned in our list and you can definitely choose the name of your choice starting with M letter names in telugu right now.

Find the M letter names for Girl in Telugu

Name Meaning Culture
Manoja Born of the Mind Telugu
Manojna Agreeable to the Mind; Pleasant; Charming Telugu
Manorama Attractive; Beautiful; Touch in Heart Telugu
Manoritha Of the Mind Telugu
Mansha Wish Telugu
Mansi Plucked Flower; Voice of Heart; Woman; Intellect; Behold of Any Beautiful Scene; Internal Beauty; Name of River Ganga; Goddess of Wisdom Telugu
Manthana To Extract Telugu
Manthika Thoughtful Telugu
Mantra Hymns; Holy Chants Telugu
Manuhya Judicial Telugu
Manusha Kind of Things Telugu
Manushi Woman; Goddess Laxmi; Humanity Telugu
Manushri Goddess Laxmi Telugu
Manvi Humanly; Peace of Mind; Goddess Saraswati Telugu
Manvitha Happy; Goddess Durga Telugu
Manya To Agree; Great Followers; Worthy of Honour; Importance Telugu
Marala Swan Telugu
Margi Traveller Telugu
Marichi Name of a Star Telugu
Marichika Mirage; Ray Telugu
Marisa Combination of Maria and Luisa; Form of Maris; Star of the Sea; Wise Protector; Protecting Hands; Worthy; Respectable; Mother of Daksa Telugu
Marsha Warlike; Dedicated to God Mars; A Star’s Name; Martial; From the God Mars; Respectable; War Like; Defence; Of the Sea Telugu
Marudham From the Lush Green Fields Telugu
Marushika Born with Blessings of Lord Shiva Telugu
Marya Mark; Limit; Beloved Telugu
Masara Emerald Telugu
Masilmani Pure; Without Any Blemishes Telugu
Masum Innocent Telugu
Mata Injunctions; Is Considered; Opinion; Mother Telugu
Matangi Goddess Durga Telugu

Hence, above were the best and latest names that are under the list of Telugu names starting with M. Do not hesitate anymore because all the above-mentioned names are very unique and exciting. Now your baby girl would definitely live a successful life with a positive and meaningful name.