Having baby? Choose Tempting Telugu Names Starting with Letter R

Having a baby is really a blessing for all of us. When we become a parent, our jobs become more complicated and difficult. Each and every parent wishes to give the best possible name to his or her child which has a good meaning and pronunciation. And therefore, here we are up to without the list of Telugu names starting with r. You would be amazed to see this list which has beautiful Telugu names for boys. Now give a meaningful name to your sweetheart baby boy using our list of r letter names for boys in Telugu. You would really love these R letter boy names in Telugu because they are very unique and latest.

Best R Letter Boy Names in Telugu

Find below the r letter boy names in Telugu along with the meaning

Baby Name Meaning
Rushant Moon
Aggressive Warrior
Rudranshu Lord Hanuman
Rudram Lucky
Rubendran Jesus Son
Full of Love Cheerful
Rohtash Star
Roabesh Intelligent
Door of Heaven King
Rich Victor in Wars
Rishat The Best
Win over the Enemy
Ripu Enemy
One with All Knowledge
Rikhav A King
Wealth Prosperity
Reshvind King Maker
King of Kingdom Child
Having Loved Heart
Raxit Protector Guard
Ranvijay Victor in War
Rajwant Monarch King
King of Kindness
Rajaram King of Rama
Raghuram Lord Rama
Ragavendra Guru Nandisha
Rabek God is One
Raahinya Lord Vishnu
Raagdeep Music and Lamp
Slayer of demons
Lotus eyed Lord Rama
Eternal knowledge
Rajeshwar Lord of kings
Rajvardhan Super king
Efficient Capable
Rajaneesh God of night
Joyous Pleasant Happy
Ramachandran The Lord Rama
Gift of Lord Rama
Rakthakamal Red lotus
Rajasuy Lotus flower
Rukmnin Wearing gold
Ranhit Quick
Rajahamsan Swan
Rishyasringa Sages name
Raslunin The Sun Moon
Rimpal Religious
Loveble Pleasant Exciting
The chosen Raghu
Light Bright Brave

Hence, above mentioned was the list of telugu names starting with R for baby boys. These names are very unique and have beautiful meanings. All the mentioned names are very latest and have been chosen after a lot of research. Therefore, it is very obvious that each one of your relatives would love these names and of course, your little one would have a successful life with one such meaningful and authentic name. So choose the best name for your lovely new born baby boy right now and enjoy his birth at your fullest.