D Letter Boy Names in Telugu

Are you soon going to become a parent? Do you have a little baby boy and you are looking forward to giving him the right name? Excited to know the various options of the names that you can give to your lovely baby boy starting with the letter D? Get all the answers to your questions right now because we are up with the perfect list of Telugu names starting with D. It is definitely a big thing to choose the right name for the baby boy and it is never an easy job to do so. Therefore, to make your job easy and convenient, here we have mentioned all the D letter names for boys in Telugu. These names are very latest and have been found after long research.  So if you are looking for D letter names in Telugu for a baby boy. Then go through this list of names and give a very different and interesting name to your baby. 

Tempting D Letter Boy Names in Telugu:

Find the D letter Boy Names in Telugu along with the true meaning

Name Meaning
Darsh Son of Lord Brahma
Dhriti courage, morale
Devansh Part of God
Dakshith Lord Shiva
Diyan Bright light
Druvam Enduring sound
Daivansh God’s family
Daha very bright
Daarshik Perceiver
Divesh Lord of the Gods
dev immortal
daha very bright
dasu sacrificing
deep superior to infinity
dron prominent Mahabharata character
daasu powerful
Dravie God’s Rays
Divik Brave
Dhanith Kindness
dahak destroyer
daksh perfect being
daman one who controls
danta calm
danuj born of Danu
darsh Lord Krishna
darun hard as wood
daruk charioteer of Krishna
datta granted

Above were some of the best d letter names for boys in Telugu and these names have amazing and unique meanings as well. So do not hesitate in giving a name to your baby boy and enhance his entire life with a successful name. 

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