B Letter Names For Boy

Now double your happiness because we are here with the best B letter names for boys in Telugu. There is no doubt that becoming a parent is the best feeling in the world. But this blessing brings a lot of responsibilities. A parent is responsible for the complete life of a baby and therefore, it is really a very challenging task to become a parent. These challenges start from the day your little baby is born and the most complicated thing to do is to choose a perfect name for your baby boy and that too starting with the letter B. But do not worry anymore because here we are up with a complete list of names for boys in Telugu starting with the letter B. All your problems will be solved with our list of B Letter names in Telugu because all the names that are there in the list mentioned below are very unique and have great meanings. So choose any name for your baby boy and make him sound just perfect

Best B Letter Names For Boy

Find the list of B letter names for boys in English along with the meaning

Name Meaning
Bhav lord Shiva
Bhaumik Lord of the Earth
Bhuvik heaven
Barun Lord of the Waters
Baneet Loved, desired
Babeesh Meaning
Bahuleya Abundant
Bahuliya Lord Kartikeya
Baran Noble man
Bejul Soul, son of God
Bibek Knowledge, conscience
Bhevin winner
Bankim Lord Krishna
Baban happy
Badri lord shiva
Bhanu right judgement
Bheem positive thinker
Bichu the great person
Binod joy
Bagath entire universe
Balaji lord vishnu
Balbir strong
Baldev the mighty god
Banshi flute
Bhagat devotee
Baahubali Powerful
Balagopal child krishna
Baladitya young man
Balanath lord of strength
Balram krishnas brother
Bhanuprakash sunlight
Bhanuprasad gift of sun
Bharadwaj A sage
Bharani high achiever
Bharathwaj a gotra of hindus
Bhargav Lord shiva
Bharuk Responsible
Bhaskar The sun
Bhaswath never ending
Bhavamanyu creator of universe
Bhavan creator
Bhavesh lord of the world
Bhavinsh king
Bhavyesh lord shiva
Bhevin winner
Bhuvan Earth
Bhirav one of the forms of shiva
Birju nice singer
Brijendra krishna
Briyaan high hill
Birbal brave heart
Brahmadutt dedicated to brahma
Budhil learned,wiseperson
Bipin forest
Bimb halo
Birendra lord of warriors
Bisaj lotus
Bodhan kindling
Brahmaanand supreme joy
Brahmabrata ascetic
Boudhayan name of a sage
Brahma creator of universe
Brijesh god of the land of brij
Buddhadev wise
Brijraj one who rules the nature

Now that you are aware of the available options of b letter names for boys in telugu, you can definitely choose the right and meaningful name for your new born baby boy. Congratulate yourself and take your happiness to the next level by giving a nice name to your baby right now. 

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